The Cooper School is celebrating very pleasing GCSE results in 2014 with 78% of students achieving 5+ A*-C grades. This year the government have moved to reporting ‘best grades’ and ‘first grades’, meaning that students grades do not count on school league tables if they have re-sat an examination. Under this system The Cooper School’s ‘first grade’ 5+ A*-C is 61%. ‘Best grades’, including any re- takes, enable students to take up courses in September. In addition 67 % of students achieved 5+ A*-C passes including English and Maths GCSE whilst 95.2% achieved5+ A*-G passes including English and Maths. Changes have also occurred this year tothe weighting of some subjects which may appear to affect overall pass rates although not students’ individual results.
These results reflect outstanding work from The Cooper School students and the parents and staff that supported them through the process. The academic year proved challenging with changes coming in September from central government which had an immediate impact on the year 11 English GCSE, resulting in almost all students sitting their examination in November. Nevertheless, students’ success and hard work has been reflected in their final results.

Mr Baxter, Headteacher at The Cooper School, stated, ‘I am delighted with this Summer’s results both at GCSE and at ‘A’ level. In this climate of constant governmental interference to educational systems, I am delighted that Cooper students can be so successful despite the increasing obstacles put in their way. My staff also deserve a mention for their ability to support and motivate students whilst coping with multiple changes to their examination courses.’

There are too many notable successes to mention all of them but particular congratulations go to some of our highest performing students with high numbers of A*/A grades at GCSE: Daniel Heijink, Catherine Mullier, Corin Scott, Megan Scott, Amy Nolte, Danielle Quinn-Taylor, Hannah Baker, Anna Lamche, Sarah Mann, Nicole Corfield, Kristen Cole, Chloe Dodsworth, Lito Michaelidou, Hugh Fryer, Sam Carty, and Joel Reynolds.

Congratulations go to our entire cohort of year 11 students as well as those mentionedabove for their successful and pleasing results and hope that they all find appropriatecourses and careers for their post-16 experience.

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