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On Wednesday 4th February 2015, a group of year 8 students took part in the IET ( The Institution of Engineering and Technology) Faraday Challenge . The students representing The Cooper School were Hannah Welford, Lucy Reynolds, Misty Lothamer, James Cribb, Amie Cathcart, John Cribb, Paul Grimwade, Reece Chamdal, Alex Pryce and Klaudiusz Stasierowski.
These students then competed against local schools; Bicester Community College and Banbury Academy to create the most effective warning beacon prototype for cyclists .

Within our schools, we had to split into two groups- we had, John, Paul, Reece, Alex and Klaudiusz in team Red and Amie, Misty, James Hannah and Lucy in another, making team yellow.

Within our teams, we then had to assign people certain jobs, in team Yellow, Misty was the product manager, james was the accountant, amie was the electronics engineer, Lucy was the 3D design engineer and Hannah was the 3D print engineer.

Every group was assigned a number of Faradays ( the example currency we had to work with) and we had to buy the electronics, 3D printer use ( in 30 minute slots) and teacher help. We had to buy things from the shop where you can purchase the electronics and the accountant had to keep track of things, making sure we had enough for everything we needed for our product.

We all helped making our team’s product and every team worked effectively. And then at the end, we had to pitch our product and team. We had to show Keira ( the lady who was in charge) how effectively we could work as a team and how good engineers we were.

The winning team won a trophy for the school, a £10 gift voucher for amazon each and a place in the national competition! We all wanted to win and every group worked hard and successfully, but only one team could win and that was… Team Yellow!! Lucy, Misty, James, Hannah and Amie had claimed victory for the school and will now be competing in the national competition, representing our school.

Well done to everyone who participated, we had an amazing day!