ROME 2015 – 17 Students, 2 Staff, 1 City!

On the 11th February 2015 at 3am Mrs Burnand and Mrs Smyth departed the Cooper school car park with 17 very sleepy but very excited sixth formers, destination ROMA!

We had a fantastic experience exploring the historical city and sharing guided tours of some of the key tourist attractions. It was an enriching experience both culturally and artistically. Viewing the Sistine Chapel with the knowledge that Michelangelo started painting it in his early thirties while constantly looking up was truly remarkable. Some of the most iconic Ancient Greek sculptures were discovered at the time he was working and their influence on his style is clearly evident. The scale of the Colosseum was breath-taking and they even performed live sea battles in the arena, although the fate of the Gladiators was rather depressing. Graffiti carved on the ancient stone seating would stand up well in an Art gallery today. The mathematical structure of the Pantheon gave us real food for thought and the abundance of ancient ruins and sculptures was an inspiration.

The students were, as always a credit to the school and if they hadn’t have map read for the staff we would still be there. The experience kick started their exam unit with a bang! We are keen to plan the next cultural trip.

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