On Friday 19th June, The Cooper School invited year 5 students from Glory Farm School to attend a event, aimed to raise the profile of the Creative Arts at The Cooper School. Year 9 students were tasked with arranging taster sessions in the various departments, which all groups of Year 5 students were then able to take part in.
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The theme for the day was ‘recycling’, which proved to be informative and fun for both year groups. The Cooper School would especially like to thank Homebase Retail Group for sponsoring the event by donating various items of equipment and material to support the sessions.

Mrs Sarah Rawlinson, Head of Drama said, ‘This event will hopefully develop a  sense of excitement among Year 5 students about what we have to offer at the school, as well as offering the current year 9 students a chance to showcase their work and take pride in what they are doing’.

Olivia Forrest (Year 5 teacher at Glory Farm Primary School) – Absolutely fantastic afternoon.The kids have really enjoyed seeing what The Cooper School have to offer and the interactivity has been great whilst learning about recycling.

Jack Gardener (Year 5) – Today I have been baking, designing and seen the Music, Drama, Art and Design departments.The day has been good and designing was best. I’m really looking forward to coming here.

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Olivia Ball (Year 9) – We are doing this today to make people more aware about recycling and encourage younger students to begin now as well as show the year 5 students how many exciting ways of learning there are at The Cooper School.The day went really well and has been running smoothly. Although this has been tiring it has been fun as you get to to perform whilst learning.

Macy Byfield & Gaveen Sandhu (Year 9 Students) – Today we have looked at abstract art which we have transferred to tyres and plant pots in order to upcycle. The Year 5’s seemed to really enjoy themselves using acrylic paints on tiles in comparison to the regular paints they use in their primary school. They also have had the chance to use different materials that they don’t get the chnace to use otherwise at the moment. I would encourage Year 5’s to attend days like this as it is a great opportunity to see what secondary offers, what they will get to do differently at Secondary and it also brings to light ideas for the Primary teachers to reuse in their classes.

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Sophie Bradford & Keziah Smith (Year 9 Students) – We are trying today to teach Year 5’s about the importance of recycling so that they may begin now. The idea is that if we highlight this to them whilst younger they may be more likely to do it as they grow up. In Drama, we had to ask the Year 5 students about recycling to find out what they already may or may not know. Including the symbolism of the three arrows that make up the recycling logo: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We did this through various games that involved physical activity to answer.


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