IMPORTANT – The Cooper School Uniform.

As raised in both the April Newsletter and the current July Newsletter, I feel obliged, unfortunately, to raise again, our agreed standards concerning The Cooper School uniform expectations .  Whilst the vast majority of our students do wear the uniform appropriately and with pride, there is a significant minority whose uniform does not conform to what we, as a learning community, have agreed to.  The major issue is to do with shoes, skirts and trousers. Too many students (a ‘significant minority’) are seeking to wear black denim jeans (boys & girls) or leggings (girls).  Jeans and/or leggings, however black in colour, are not agreed school uniform trousers. You’ve heard it here first Mums and Dads, despite what your children might choose to tell you!  Secondly, the uniform policy is for girls to wear pleated skirts. The third main issue is to do with the wearing of trainers or canvas shoes.  You can view our full uniform policy at Again, the uniform policy is clear in this regard:

  • For girls: Plain Black shoes with heel max of 2” / 5cm;
  • For boys: Plain Black shoes.

In addition:

  • Shoes must be low heeled: no sling backs, no backless or open toed shoes are allowed;
  • No boots of any kind;
  • No training shoes, plimsolls or canvas shoes of any kind or colour are allowed as part of school uniform. Trainers are not to be worn around main school site except for PE lessons but will be allowed at lunchtime when playing football etc on back field.

I recognise that this is the end of an academic year; many of you will be buying new uniform (or aspects of the uniform) towards the end of the summer holidays, which, given the potential for growth spurts from July to September is eminently sensible.  Can I please, though, ask for your cooperation in ensuring that your son/daughter (whatever year, 7 through to 11, that they are in come September 2015) are wearing the correct Cooper School uniform according to the school uniform policy when the new academic year begins.  As a school we will be insisting on the uniform policy being upheld. This will be rigorously enforced from September to the point that students who violate our agreed standards regarding uniform will be isolated or sent home if they are not appropriately attired.  I recognise that this might come across as somewhat authoritarian or draconian and, if so, I apologise for that. I won’t, however, be apologetic for insisting on consistency in  maintaining high standards of personal appearance.

Ben Baxter