A Level Results 2015

The Cooper School is celebrating its best set of A Level results since changing status to become an 11-18 school in September 2011 and this summer saw its highest number of students, 82,  taking A Levels across 23 different subjects.

22% achieved A*/A    (21% last year)

50% achieved A*- B    (48% last year)

77% achieved A*-C     (66% last year)

98% achieved A*-E     (96% last year)

81% of the students will now take up a place at University this Autumn with 10% taking a gap year, 4% beginning apprenticeships, 4% beginning work and 1% going on to attend college.

Of particular note was the outstanding academic achievement of Lewis O’ Driscoll who achieved (A*A*A* A) and will now go on to study Mathematical Physics at University of Nottingham. Other students who achieved outstanding results were: Alfie Bones (A* A  A),  Amber Brooks (A* A  A), Connor Fray (A*A*  A), Chloe Lewitt (A* A  A), Adam Phipps (A* A  A ),  Genevieve Tomes (A A A). Head Boy Matthew Penny also excelled, achieving (A* A  A).

Mr Ben Baxter, Executive Headteacher at The Cooper School commented: I am delighted with these results which continue to build on previous achievements. The Year 13 students can now look forward to taking up their university places. It has been a tremendous four years for this school and these results reflect the commitment of the staff and students who are to be congratulated on their successes.

Mr Mark Doorley, newly appointed director of Post 16 studies stated: These excellent results represent another step forward for our sixth form. The students and their families should feel immensely proud of this achievement. The students responded superbly to the many changes introduced this year and I would like to wish all of them the very best for their bright futures.

The Cooper School looks forward to continued growth and academic excellence. For the first time since it opened, the sixth form will enrol over 100 students into Y13 for September 2015 and over 125 students for its Year 12 cohort.

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Head Girl, Katie Baynton-Glenn – “I am over the moon to have achieved the grades I needed to study Bio Medical Science at University. Thank you so much to Mr Doorley for all of his support. I am really sad to be leaving Post 16 at The Cooper School but I also can’t wait to start the next part of my life.”

Alex Gerrow (AAB) – “I am just so happy with my results. I am going to York to Study Chemistry and couldn’t have done it without the help, support and guidance of Mr Doorley, Mr Dean, Hayley and really just all of the staff. It has been fantastic the whole way through my 7 years at The Cooper School. I couldn’t have wished for a better secondary education and choice of Sixth Form. I also want to mention Mrs Mallalieau-Needle who was Director of Post 16 last year as her advice and support for the first year was invaluable and enabled me to really get settled into Post 16 Studies. Thank you.”

Alfred Bones (A*AA) – “Really pleased! I am going to Leeds to study Mechanical Engineering. I am relieved, I am happy and I am just a little bit surprised at the moment.”

Amber Brooks (A*AAA) – “I am off to Warwick! I am really, really happy. Thank you for all the support I have been given here.  I am so happy with the results I have achieved after being at The Cooper School for 7 years. Now I am just looking forward to getting to Warwick University to study English and Creative Writing.”

Lewis O’Driscoll (A*A*A*A) – “I have been here for 7 years and now I have achieved the results I needed to take me to Nottingham where I am going to be studying Mathematical Physics. I have loved all of my subjects, especially Maths, but I was still not sure what to expect in my results. When I finished Year 11 I looked at other Sixth Forms but decided to stay here. I liked the look of a few of them but some were too formal, some were the opposite and this one just suited me as I person. I am so pleased I did stay. It has been great every step of the way and I have had all the support I needed. I would say to anyone looking at Post 16 a The Cooper School, just go for it!”