The Cooper School is pleased to announce the 2015 GCSE results with 64% of students achieving 5+ A*-C grades.  In addition 59% of students achieved 5+ A*-C passes including English and Maths GCSE whilst 92% achieved 5+ A*-G passes including English and Maths. This reflects a consistent 3 year trend for GCSE results at The Cooper School.

Mr Baxter, Headteacher at The Cooper School, stated, ‘I am happy with this Summer’s results both at GCSE and at ‘A’ level.  I am delighted that Cooper students can be successful in spite of the government’s announced intentions to make GCSEs harder to attain over the next few years. My staff also deserve a mention for their ability to support and motivate students whilst coping with multiple changes to their examination courses and grade boundaries.’

Michael Waine, Chair of Governors, said, ‘ I know how much hard work has gone in to these results from the students and the staff and I wish all students success in their future pathways, whether at The Cooper School or elsewhere.’

There are many notable successes for individual students: Adam Wood (3A*, 6A, 2 B), Thomas Webb (3A*, 8A), George Muddle (2A*, 8A, 2 B), Jack Crawford (2A*, 7A,2B), Emma Smale (5A*, 7A), Bethan Humphreys (11A*, 1A), Amy Crisp (8A*, 3A, 1B), Hannah Swan (6A*, 4A, 1B). Congratulations go to our entire cohort of year 11 students as well as those mentioned above for their successful and pleasing results and hope that they all find appropriately rewarding courses and careers for their post-16 experience.

IMG_0089 Tom Webb

“I feel really good about my results today and I am pleased they have gone so well.

I have to admit, I was really surprised to have received an A* in English and History, so just very, very pleased and looking forward to starting Post 16 here.”

Lucy Collette, pictured here with Miles Hooper

“I am so happy with my results today, especially Foundation Maths as I have always struggled in this subject. I am just over the moon with that. I now want to get enrolled for Post 16 here at The Cooper School.”

IMG_0093 IMG_0099
IMG_0121 IMG_0119

Chelsea Hegarty Swain (2A*, 7A & 3B) – “I am really please with my results and especially shocked by the 2 A*. I wasn’t expecting this but it shows how hard work really does pay off.”

Emma Smale – “I got more A* that I expected and am so relieved to have passed Further Maths as it was a really difficult exam.”

George Muddle – “I am pleased with my results today and how well I have done throughout. I look forward to coming back in September”

Oliver Pell – “I am pleased and overall have received positive results.”

Ashley Bowen – “I feel pretty good about my results overall. I got B+C’s in all subjects and am now looking forward to starting Post 16 with my mates in September.”

Jack Crawford – “I am really pleased with my results today. I did not expect these so am just thrilled and am coming back here for Post 16 in September.”

Shaun Kailla – “I am pleased with my results, think they went really well.”

Amy Crisp – “I am pleased with all of my results but am especially happy to have received a B in Further Maths. I Really didn’t expect that.”