Musical Consultant to the Bicester Learning Academy, Mr Brian Dipple, has recently returned from a rewarding trip to Bosnia where he worked in schools in and around Tuzla (the third city of Bosnia).  The project is one of cooperation between the Public Institution Primary School, Pasci and Professor of Music, Mr Dipple, who has long been a friend of the Bosnian Educational Institutions involved.  This is the latest of many visits and projects he has coordinated.

Mr Dipple first started work on the project with pupils/students from Years 4 to 10 at The Bicester Learning Academy.  The children worked hard together on a musical project entitled, “Footsteps In The Snow”.  The next phase of the project was to work in the five schools in and around Tuzla, culminating in a vibrant and well attended concert in the Bosnian Cultural Centre.  As part of the event, Mr Dipple presented a cheque for 1000 Euros to the Pasci School to help with the development of a sports outdoor area.

Both The Cooper School and Glory Farm Primary School have received certificates of appreciation for the music project and the donation.  Director of the Pasci School, Elvir Fejzic, stated, “It is hoped that this will help towards the construction of a sports polygons branch school in Gornju, Pasco, attended by 170 students. With this donation, we have 6,000 KMs, while for the rest of the construction the total needed is 20,000 KMs [KMs are their local currency]

The finale to the project was the presentation of the international musical project called “The Steps In The Snow.”

In Tulza, students of the Secondary Chemical School and primary schools, Prokasovici, Lancaster Village, Klokotnica, Brijesnice and guest performers and students of the Music High School in Tuzla,  with the help of Mr Dipple, in composing musical works to present to the audience at the Bosnian Cultural Centre.
The objective was to improve playing rhythmic and melodic instruments and the vocal abilities of students as well as encourage precise intonation and proper diction.

Mr Dipple explained, “Through the workshop, students were encouraged to develop a musical memory and taught to make an aesthetic judgement on their own part of the composition”.  Almira Berbić, teacher of music culture in the Primary School Pasci, said “Involvement in this project will not only underline the students’ previous knowledge but also help them to acquire new musical skills in composition, accompaniment & improvisation”.