The Cooper School is pleased to announce the 2016 GCSE results with 66% of students achieving A*-C grades in English and Maths. 99.5% of students achieved 5+ A*-G grades. 80% of students attained an A*-C grade in English and 70% achieved the same in Maths. Under the new measures, the school’s Attainment 8 score is 51 and the estimated Progress 8 figure is +0.33.

Mr Baxter, Headteacher at The Cooper School, stated, ‘The students and staff have put in a huge amount of effort in to getting these results which they should be very proud of. Yet again, in a time of educational change, we have worked together to provide good teaching and feedback, revision classes over and above lesson time and intervention groups in order to ensure that students are supported to achieve the best that they can. It was an exhausting year for all but I am very pleased and proud of the results that have been achieved.’

Michael Waine, Chair of Governors, said, ‘The Cooper School continues to provide an excellent learning environment for students and I am so pleased that all the efforts of the students and staff in working so hard towards this day has paid off. I wish the students the best of luck for their future courses at The Cooper School or elsewhere’

Students with particularly notable results were: Amy Garlick (5A*, 5 A), Laura Howard (3A*, 7 A) and Eve Linfoot (3A*, 6 A and 1 B), Kieran Bird (3A*, 6A), Toby Ibbotson (2A*, 8A) and Nikita Lad (3A*, 6A and 1 B).

Many more students receivedvery successful examination results as well but we cannot mention them all here. We wish them all success in their future pathways.

Photo 5 - Nikta Photo 2 - Photo 1 - Toby
Photo 3 - photo 4 -
Nakita Lad: “I’m extremely happy, sixth form is where I will be studying next! Now it’s time to celebrate!”
Toby Ibbotson: “I couldn’t be happier with my results, I will be studying next at The Cooper School to do my A levels!”
Jess Skellern: I’m relieved. I worked really hard! I’m so pleased with my results!
Katie Brennan: My mum and I were quite shocked! My plan is to do my A levels here at The Cooper School!”
Safron Patterson: My best results were RE and French but I’m looking forward to studying here to do my A levels as I would like to then go onto study medicine at university, my auntie is a doctor so she will be helping me with my future. To celebrate I will be going shopping with my mum  to buy new clothes for next year studying my A levels!”