There is great excitement today at The Cooper School as a selection of students are taking part in virtual field trips, visiting countries far and wide, as part of the Google Expeditions Roadshow.

Google Expeditions is an exciting feature of Google Apps for Education that allows teachers to take their students on virtual field trips.  Today, we have been lucky enough to have been selected by Google to receive a visit from the Expeditions Roadshow.

Using Google Cardboard, the app is loaded onto devices that slot in. The teacher can then select expeditions on a tablet and take the students on a virtual tour of exciting, interesting and educational places all over the world. Students engage and absorb the atmospheres, the information and the excitement that is brought into the classroom for them to experience.

The first session today saw Post 16 students from The Cooper School, alongside Year 6 Pupils from Glory Farm Primary School visit The Great Barrier Reef, Machu Picchu, Rio De Janeiro and other places, as Mrs Post enhanced the experience with a Geography lesson of facts and information along the way.

To read more about Google Expeditions, please visit –

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