28/02/2018 – Confident, calm and composed would sum up the start of this morning’s Science mock exam. Students have clearly worked hard and have impressed staff with their dedication and revision ethic.  Students have arrived fully prepared and ready to start this morning!

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26/02/2018 – Over the last week, our year 11 students have been sitting mocks in preparation for their Maths GCSE exams. As always, we have been incredibly impressed with their calm determination to do their best and students have been making good use of the time allowed to answer all the questions to the best of their ability.

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Maths surgery continues to run after school every Thursday and this will be the ideal place over the coming weeks to work on topics that are flagged up in these mock exams as being areas for development. The only way to revise Maths is to DO Maths so doing as many exam style questions as possible will be vital in the run up to the real exams in May/ June. Packs of new exam-style papers are available via ParentPay as well as free of charge downloads of old GCSE papers via the Maths pages of the school website. Mathswatch revision schedules were given out at Parents Evening and the PiXL MathsApp continues to be a popular tool with students. – Mrs McMillan – Head of Mathematics



23/02/2018 – Heads down and hard work for the Year 11 students, who were impressively calm and focused, arriving for their Maths mock exam this morning!

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After lots of revision and anticipation, Year 11 Students are settled and ready to start their first Maths exam. Staff have been impressed by how well prepared they all were, and look off to a great start.

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