Dear Parents/Guardians

This is a reminder that mobile phones should be turned off and remain out of sight (in bags or blazer pocket) during the school day. We are not banning them from the school site per se as some other schools have done, as we are aware that there are occasions when students require them to contact home. For example, if they are representing the school in after school activities and parents need to know pick-up times etc.. However, the Senior Leadership Team at The Cooper School has become increasingly concerned that over the time that some students have become over reliant on them; they can have a negative impact on student’s learning and well-being, particularly when there is an inappropriate use of social media such as texting other students between lessons as one such example. This is a well-publicised national concern and our approach is part of our ongoing work to support students having a healthy attitude towards social media.

Therefore, our change in stance is reflected in the following key points:

  • Mobile phones are not permitted in lessons (or at lesson changeovers) unless authorised by the teacher to aid learning;
  • If students are caught with a mobile in lessons or registration periods they will be given one warning to put the mobile device away, out of sight.;
  • If the mobile phone is used again, the phone will be confiscated and kept by the teacher until the end of the lesson. The teacher will record the sanction on the school’s Management Information System and a note will be added to the student’s behaviour log;
  • If a student refuses to hand over the mobile phone a middle/senior leader will be called and remove the student from the lesson.

This change in policy is a direct result of some students’ inappropriate use of mobile devices during the school day. Students can still use their mobile phones at break-time and lunchtime.

I hope parents and guardians understand the reasons for this amendment to our policy on mobile phones in school and look forward to your support in these matters.

Mr B Baxter