Race Day arrived at The Cooper School, for Year 7 recently.  133 Year 7 students were tasked with designing and making a rocket car as part of a nation-wide project supported by our armed forces.

The Students studied previous land speed record cars – their propulsion and design, then examined Bloodhound, the UK’s current land speed record machine. A quick study of basic aerodynamic shapes and wind tunnel tests allowed students to form a race team and design their own solution to the challenge of recording the fastest speed for a model rocket car. Once designed they marked and cut out their shapes from foam blocks.

Race day involved the team members delegated with tasks like mechanic, electrician, safety officer, and pilot. This mimicked the actual team set up used by Bloodhound (but obviously much more complex!)

Our results were pleasing indeed with all teams recording respectable times. A lot of feedback can be had from video recording of the races, with some designs proving to be more stable than others.
Year 7 students who are currently undertaking the project and will do so in our next Technology rotation will race towards the end of our last term – hopefully it will be dry!!
‘Teams GMLSH, BHASP and Speedos_Crew have progressed to the regional races at RAF Brize Norton on 4th May’
Full set of results on our D&T website http://bit.ly/dtcooper2 -> Curriculum -> Product Design -> Year 7 Race for the Line’
Mr Frogley