This morning, our Year 11 have been able to take part in an exciting project which involved a live-streamed broadcast of The Royal Shakespeare Company’s latest adaptation of Macbeth, starring Christopher Ecclestone and Niamh Cusack.

The broadcast started with a live introduction from the Royal Shakespeare Company, followed by activities for students, including  live questions and answers with actors from the company, to help them engage with the production and get the most from the experience.

Having prepared for the day, students were aware of the key characters, the plot and scenes. This opportunity gave students valuable further insight into the play they will be writing about for their GCSE Literature exam.

Tansy Hammond –  ” It was a very gripping performance. Relationships between characters were very clear and it was really helpful to understand key ideas Shakespeare would want to present”

Lauren Banks – “This gave me a clear understanding and contrasting views of different characters”