Students from the D&T Tech club have been working on the complicated project of creating a new Design and Technology department sign to be displayed on entrance to the department. We are now proud to celebrate their success and hard work, with the sign in place for all to see. 

Students involved in the project said – “This project took a lot of hard work and patience but finally the power of determination allowed us to complete this project and we were able to get it up on the wall. We were able to use the wonderful facilities that The Cooper School has provided for us to create something unique and something that will help us advertise the great concept of Design and Technology amongst the fellow students at school. Also this project has allowed some of the students in year 7 to explore the amazing world of D.T and letting their creativity go wild in making something they were able to take part in. Finally without Mrs Patterson this project would have been a lot harder, even though she allowed us to take complete control of this piece she still stepped in to help when we ran in to any difficulties. So thank you to all the students and teachers who came together to help create this marvelous piece”.