At The Cooper School we strive to ensure that every student not only has the right to ‘do’ well at school, but as importantly, to ‘be’ well, as is written in our mission statement. Our students have the right to dream big; they have a right to aspire to and to achieve the extraordinary.


Through our consistent culture of high aspirations, we are instilling the very best standards of conduct, of moral purpose and of integrity. Tolerance, courtesy and respect go hand in hand with ambition and hard work to develop a culture of determination, achievement and community.

This year, we have introduced a new system of praise to The Cooper School. This initiative, which began in September, allows all staff at The Cooper School to award students ‘Praise Points’ via our Management Information System. Points are awarded in correlation with our mission statement, “Dream Big, Work Hard, Be Kind” and displayed each week in assemblies. Students are able to see how well they are doing and recognise that any positive behaviours can result in points. Praise points can be earned in many ways, from handing out books in class to excelling at a piece of coursework to representing the school in sporting events.

Points are added to a form group, or to an individual tally. There are various rewards, including privileges and pizza lunches. The students and staff have embraced the system and we hope that this will continue throughout the year.

Through such initiatives, we are able to celebrate the dynamic and diverse group of individuals that form our student body, here at The Cooper School. This is rewarded as we see our students leave us at the end of their secondary school career, proud to have been part of The Cooper School, Bicester; as rounded and resilient global citizens, eager to embrace their futures with the embedded hallmarks of dreaming big, working hard and being kind.

“I have received some praise points in lessons and I think it is a good idea to encourage us to think more about what we are doing and doing good things” – Year 7 Student

“We are really enjoying this new system as it gives us the opportunity to make sure that the students know they have done exceptionally well. We make a point of telling them that they should be very proud of themselves. As admin staff it is lovely that we are able to give points for things that aren’t just the academic achievements, but also for other areas of school life that they are excelling in” – Curriculum Secretaries/reception

“I am loving the new Praise Points system. My boys are really chuffed when they get a point and it gives me, as a parent, the opportunity to talk to them about what they have done to achieve it and engage them in conversation about their school day” – Parent

“We think Praise Points are good and we always look forward to assembly to see if our names come up. They make us want to work even harder” – Student Receptionists

“I like knowing that if I do something good I might get a praise point and it will be good to see how many I get for the whole year” – Year 9 Student

“I have already got some praise points but not everybody just gets them. It shows that you have to work hard and have good manners or try to have good ideas, because when you do, then you get Praise Points. I have got praise points for working hard in English and Languages and also because I helped the younger students one day” – Year 9 Student