Friday lunchtimes once again see the return of the ever popular Lunchtime Lectures with a host of exciting topics already scheduled.

What are the Lunchtime Lectures? – These are weekly talks, delivered by Staff, Students, Ex-Students and other visitors; virtually any member of our BLA community, about something they are passionate about. The lectures take place on Friday lunchtimes, in the Post 16 Centre (SF7) and are open to all Staff and Students to attend and enjoy. Anyone keen to give a lecture about a topic they are enthusiastic about, should speak to Mrs O’Flynn.

“That was amazing, did you see the fire he made?” – Year 7 Student after attending Dr Whannel’s lectures, ‘Did dragons really exist’.

“She certainly knows her stuff” – Year 13 Student after attending a lecture about Russia, delivered by an ex-student, now at University.

“I didn’t know numbers could be so interesting” – English Teacher, following Ms O’Flynn’s lecture, ‘Numberwang’.

Why not come along? You never know what you might learn! It could be anything from Mr Coggins illustrating the life and times of a high level football referee with his lecture ‘Under Pressure – An insight into refereeing in the English Football League’ to Mr Doorley revealing his teenage love of Madonna during the ‘Writes of passage’ lecture!

Microsoft PowerPoint - Academic Lectures Jan 2019 no names