Yesterday our Year 12 Aspirers group attended a taster day at Trinity College, Oxford to sample what life is like in a college at one of the world’s most prestigious universities. The students listened to a talk about why and how to apply to Oxbridge, took part in a Q&A session with current students at the college, enjoyed lunch, a tour of the college and a debating session to finish the day.    


Despite looming anxieties over university for many year 12 students, trips like this help shine a light on the mystery of Russell Group applications and better prepare us for when the time comes. Undergraduates and staff at Trinity College not only helped dispel the myths of applying to Oxbridge but also gave first hand advice about the realities one might expect to face as an Oxford student, as well as an interactive session on what it’s like “Thinking and Learning” at such a prestigious university. Overall, many of us came away with a greater sense of security and hope for future applications, as well as an appreciation for the Trinity grounds and way of life. I think one of the most useful aspects was the information provided by current undergraduates as they are in the position many of us will find ourselves in, in two years so their help and advice was very relevant, especially regarding debunking myths about the extensive application process.


I think that the trip to Trinity College helped to demystify the stigma of applying to an Oxbridge University, hearing first hand experience from current undergraduate students inspired me as it highlighted that applying to Oxford is obtainable, no matter your background. The information provided by the Access Officer dispelled the myths regarding the application process to Oxford, and gave me (and I’m sure many others) reassurance of my aspirations to apply to Oxford in the near future. Overall, the informative session about life at Oxford combined with the interactive “Thinking and Learning session” ensured I came away from the day feeling less daunted about the idea of studying at such a highly regarded university.