For the second year in a row Mr Coggins took on challenge of conjuring up 4 dishes in one tutor time for each of the soon to be leaving us :( year 13s tutor groups.  The aim: to teach them a thing or two about cooking healthily and quickly on a budget.  His task: make Spaghetti Bolognese; Fajita; Pizza: AND Omelette in 25 minutes whilst delivering tips and advice on buying good food cheaply and what to keep in the store cupboard.

And, for the second year running, he ably fulfilled his task.  Students were quickly set to work chopping onions and peppers and slicing chicken whilst he set the pasta and the minced beef cooking.  Moving smoothly through the tasks, keeping all stirred and not burning as he discussed vital store cupboard contents: oil, garlic, dried pasta and rice; salt and pepper; mixed herbs; tinned tomatoes as well as ideas about what crucial kitchen equipment was needed: spoon; chopping board; a couple of saucepans and a frying pan amongst them.

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Talking about food on a budget he demonstrated a quick and simple pizza made on a tortilla wrap, that rather than costing the usual £10+ of an ordered pizza, could cost roughly 30p and be constructed, cooked and eaten all in the time it took to order a pizza by phone and have it delivered to your door.  Brilliant tips such as buying big bags of dried goods and own brand products will all be much appreciated by many next year.

He sometimes seemed to resemble an octopus with his arms in constant motion, constructing, stirring, sprinkling, spreading, removing from heat/oven etc, but at the end of it (with perfect timing) he had 4 meals ready to eat, quick and all cooked from scratch with plenty of flavour and well within a student’s meagre budget.  A Masterclass!!!

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