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Teachers at The Cooper School should use the following format when providing students with feedback. This will help increase consistency so that students are more likely to understand and be actively involved in the assessment process.

  • Strengths: what you have done well
  • Targets: how to improve and make progress
  • Action: a specific action which needs to be completed to improve your work
  • Response: where you complete the action or state where you have done it

STAR stickers are provided for all staff. Teachers may also give students a mark or band when they STAR mark a piece of work.


Literacy Marking

At least one piece of extended writing should be marked for literacy per term. This involves the identification of literacy mistakes using the Marking Code (see below). Teachers should mark sensitively depending on the student and may want to set a limit on the number of corrections given. Students in Key Stages 3 and 4 are expected to correct their mistakes using the actions below. Literacy marking is important as many subjects now assess communication skills as part of GCSE exam criteria.

Code Meaning Action
SP Spelling mistake Find out the correct spelling then write it out 3 times
P Punctuation error Re-write the sentence using the correct punctuation.
C Mistake with capital letter Make the correction with a different coloured pen. Make sure you use capital letters correctly in your next piece of work.
gr Grammatical error Re-write the sentence correctly.

We are currently trialling the use of literacy criteria for all subject areas (see attached) which teachers use to assess students’ skills and areas for improvement. Students should be given specific literacy targets on their writing and then given time to improve their work.

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