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What does inclusion mean at The Cooper School?

Inclusion means guaranteeing that every student has access to a valuable and meaningful academic experience. Our inclusion practice ensures that a student’s disadvantage does not have a detrimental and long-lasting impact on their ability to progress and achieve. We value diversity and celebrate difference. We aspire to a curriculum which fits our students rather than insisting that our students should fit a restrictive curriculum.

It is important to remember that at The Cooper School we see our students as individuals and therefore we realise that one route will not work for all.  We do not make assumptions that make links between low ability and being in receipt of the Pupil Premium.  Nor do we take a view that those students with an Additional Educational Need are unable to make progress. We have high expectations of all our students.

We attempt to gain a deep understanding of all our students in order to consider their barriers to learning and how we can support them in achieving their goals.  We understand that some of our students in receipt of the Pupil Premium may have complex problems stemming from their home-life and financial disadvantages and therefore we do not take a ‘quick fix’ approach and instead take a longer term view to our support.  We do not measure our success solely in terms of academic progress.

We are striving to move away from the use of Special Educational Need to Additional Educational Need. This is due to the derogatory connotations now associated with the term Special and is in recognition that many students have an additional need at some point in their academic career. However we must refer to ‘SEN’ when referencing the school’s statutory responsibility therefore an SEN Register continues to exist.

Please read our Inclusion Statement for further information about provision at The Cooper School.

Ian Tweed
Ruth Hazard - Copy

I Tweed

Director of Inclusion

A Penny

Deputy SENCo

D Chatterley

HLTA – Base Manager

R Hazard

Reading Coordinator

S Brunwin


Barry Tweddle

B Tweddle


C Cluness


J Byfield

HLTA – Maths

S Davies

HLTA – Maths

D Harrold

HLTA – Key Worker

W Elliott

HLTA – Key Worker

K Webb

 HLTA – Key Worker

J Green

HLTA – Science

L Keen

HLTA – English

M Higginbottom

HLTA – English

Gemma Gow

N Hill

HLTA – Key Worker

G Gowe

HLTA – Key Worker

K Colville

HLTA – Humanities

W Spencer

JCC Manager

J Wise

JCC Assistant Manager



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