Lunchtime Lectures at The Cooper School!

What are the Lunchtime Lectures at The Cooper School?

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The aim is to enthuse, motivate and inspire our students by offering them a series of challenging lectures on topics they will not meet in the classroom. The lectures will give them a better understanding of the world around them and encourage them to dream big by giving them access to more demanding ideas.  Lectures illustrate that their teachers have interests beyond the curriculum, they portray what inspired them to do what they do and that they still relish opportunities to learn.

The 30 minute lectures are primarily aimed at KS5 students and scholars but open to all students who express and interest and are led by staff who will share their interest and expertise.

Academic Lectures


A very big (and public!) thank you to Ms Wing for an amazing first ever Cooper School Academic Lecture last week!
There were over 30 in attendance and Mrs Sheehan has already reported a run on the library for books about Norse mythology!
Same time, same place next week. More speakers are always welcome…


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