Our Staff


Senior Leadership Team
Mr B Baxter Executive Headteacher (The Cooper School/Glory Farm School)
Ms G Merritt Deputy Headteacher
Mr R Hiscock Assistant Headteacher/Careers Leader
Dr R Whannel Acting Deputy Headteacher
Mr M Doorley Assistant Headteacher/Director of Post 16 Studies
Mrs R Mills-Webb Assistant Headteacher
Mr S Baker Assistant Headteacher
Department Name  
English Mrs S Sparshott Head of Department
Ms L Wing 2 i/c
Ms R Humphris Leading Practitioner
Mrs Gill Merritt Deputy Headteacher
Mr B Baxter Executive Head teacher
Mr M Doorley Assistant Headteacher: Director of Post 16 Studies
Mrs T Eggleston
Ms K Webb Head of Year 11
Ms S Badger
Mrs J Gill Head of Media/Teaching & Rolling Team Member
Ms S Taylor
Ms H Clough 3 i/c
Ms K O’Flynn
Ms C Winter Teaching & Rolling Team Member
Ms S Blair
Maths Mrs S McMillan Head of Department
Dr S Gilbert 2 i/c
Mr E McGill
Mr A Mutemererwa
Ms L Childs 3 i/c
Mr H Abaee
Mr L Slevin 3 i/c
Ms A Llewelyn
Mr S Fowler Anti-Bullying Ambassador
Miss S Hassard
Miss J Barry
Science Ms R Mills-Webb Assistant Headteacher
Ms H Hurdle Head of Sciences
Miss H Alder Head of Biology
Mrs P Patel Assistant Head of Year
Dr R Whannel Acting Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Tweddle Head of Physics
Miss L Rahman Teaching and Rolling Team Member
Miss G Doyle
Ms K O’Malley
Ms C Wilkinson Acting Lead Teacher of Chemistry
Mrs S Baudoux
 Technology Mr A Coggins Head of Department
Mr I Hore
Mr G Frogley Engineering
Mrs V Stoner
Ms J Patterson 2 i/c
Mr C McKenzie Head of Year 8
Ms G Button-Copeland
MFL Mrs P Hickman Head of Department
Mrs K Roche-Ali 2 i/c
Mrs L Douet
Mrs J Magrane
Ms Y Mele Lucero
Geography Mrs J Post Head of Department
Ms V Davies
Mr D Chambers
Ms J Ward Teaching & Learning Team Member
Business Studies & Computer Science Mr R Green Head of Department
Mrs N Kennedy Primary Computing Subject Leader
Mr M Malins Teacher of Computer Science
Mr I Tweed Associate Assistant Headteacher – Director of Inclusion
Mrs S Blackwell
History Mr C Kendall Head of Department
Mr R Hiscock Assistant Headteacher
Mrs C Dean Leading Practitioner
Mr P Dean Head of Year 7 and Transition
Ms G O’Hanlon Assistant Head of Year
Ms H Preston-Gibb
Sociology Mrs M Underwood Assistant Head of Post 16
Mr S Lynch Head of Department/Year 9 Revision Co-ordinator
Drama Ms L Byford Head of Department
Music Ms C Edwards Head of Department
Ms E Carrick-Dow Acting Head of Year 9
Art Mrs L Smythe Head of Department
Ms K Agrah
Mr A Stageman
Mrs D Worthy
Ms S Noble
 Computing Mr M Malins Teacher of Computer Science
RE Ms G Harris Teacher in Charge of RE
Mr S Baker Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Brown
Ms J Rawson
Psychology Ms J Holder Head of Department
PE Mr D Cook Head of  Department
Mrs K Sheppard 2 i/c
Mr J Simmonds Head of Year 10
Ms A Hillier Teacher in  Charge of PSHE/Head of Year 7 on Wednesdays
Mrs S Kirkwood SSCO
Ms A Kent
Mr M Pritchard
Mr J Henderson
 Support Staff Ms J Davison Director of Business & Finance
Mrs B Munro Headteacher’s PA
Ms J Devereaux Student Support Manager – Year 7
Mrs K Burge Student Support Manager – Year 8
Ms G Gow Student Support Manager – Year 9
Mrs S Williams Student Support Manager – Year 10
Mrs E Payne Student Support Manager – Year 11
Mrs C Burnby Post 16 Student Support & Events Co-ordinator
Mrs N Jeacock Finance Manager
Mrs B Olah Finance Officer
Mrs C Doolan Finance Assistant
Mrs C Ottaway Administration Team Supervisor
Mrs K Knight-Archer Receptionist
Mrs S Walker Receptionist
Mrs S Cox Reprographics Officer
Ms M Hutton Curriculum Support Officer
Mrs E Le Brun-Hayward HR Manager  (maternity leave)
Ms M Kelly Acting HR Manager
Miss A Hunter Acting HR Officer
Mrs S Gill MIS Exams & Data Manager
Mrs J Baker Exams Officer
Ms A Clements Data & Examinations Officer
Mr W Judge Estate Supervisor
Mr I Newman Estate Support Assistant
Mr L Rowe Estate Support Assistant
Mr B Penn Estate Support Assistant
Ms K Nugent Senior Science Technician
Mrs A Reynolds Science Technician
Ms N Morgan Science Technician
Mr D Muir D&T, Engineering Technician
Mrs C McCormack D&T ,Food & Textiles Technicians
Mrs C Watts Art Technician
Mr L Hutchinson IT Services Manager
Mrs D Paviour IT, Communications & Marketing Manager
Mr M Plowman Second Line IT Support Technician
Mr M Emerson First Line IT Support Technician
Mrs W Spencer Jan Charman Centre Manager
Mrs H Woolford Vocational Careers Advice Officer
Mrs J Wise Assistant Jan Charman Centre Manager
Mrs A Penny Deputy SENCo
Ms D Chatterley HLTA – Base Manager
Mrs K Morse SEN Admin Assistant
Mrs J Green HLTA – Science
Mr B Tweddle HLTA – Science
Ms S Davies HLTA – Maths
Ms J Byfield HLTA – Maths
Mrs L Keen HLTA – English
Mrs M Higginbottom HLTA – English
Ms K Colvill HLTA – Humanities
Ms K Colvill HLTA – Humanities
Mr D Keen HLTA – Keyworker
Mrs N Hill HLTA – Keyworker
Ms K Webb HLTA – Keyworker
Mrs K Clarke HLTA – Keyworker
Mrs N Harris Teaching Assistant
Mr C Cluness Teaching Assistant
Ms S Brunwin Teaching Assistant
Ms R Hazard Reading Coordinator
Mrs G Treanor Cover & Attendance Manager
Ms E Edwards Cover & Attendance Officer
Mrs P Mackay Cover Supervisor
Mr G Eilertsen Cover Supervisor
Ms N Emery Cover Supervisor
Ms A Hutt School Nurse
Ms L Gritzman School Counsellor
Ms J Robarts Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs S McKnight Cleaner
Mr J Bannister Cleaner & Estate Assistant
Ms B Scott Cleaner
Mrs S Prpa Cleaner
Ms T Johnson Cleaner
Ms M Hiles Cleaner
Mr J Hicks Cleaner
Ms J Taylor Cleaner
Ms S Gurung Cleaner
Ms E Wolstenholme Cleaner
Ms C Winman Cleaner