• Blazers and ties are to be worn next again next week (from the 26th June 2017) - but jumpers are not required. Summer Uniform: 09/06/2017 - School jumpers are not a compulsory item of uniform for the remainder of the academic year. It is expected that students wear their blazers on the way to school and that shirts are tucked in at all times and that ties are worn at a sensible length. When on the school site for the next six weeks students may remove their blazers and there is no compulsion for them to wear them at the end of the day on their way home.  Can I remind parents that skinny jeans or leggings are NOT acceptable at any time.
  • Please Note : Early lunchtimes will finish this Friday, 23rd June 2017.  Lunchtimes will be back to normal as from Monday, 26th June 2017
  • All Student reports are now published using My Child At School. Login details have been posted home. If you require support please call the school and ask for the Data Team - To log in, please use the link in the Parent's menu or 
  • NEW PARENT PORTAL - Content relevant to Parents/Guardians can now be found in the new Parent Portal. The Parent Portal can be accessed under 'Portal' in the main menu. 
  • IMPORTANT - Please ensure that ALL students bring a water bottle to school with them, especially during this period of hot weather as it it essential for them to remain hydrated.
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